понедельник, 16 августа 2010 г.

life is a wonderful thing!

I uderstood just now, that this yeah was wonderful! i was extreemly happy. how couldn't i understnd it? i do remember when it was winter, it was reaaly cold,it was night, i didn't eat for a long time, i was standing on the street, waiting for Sofie to go to Andrew's house to have a night party, i was listening to music, dreaming about my happy summer. i didn't understand, that was really happy moment! how did we spend our days, meeting with each other. and tranings in sportplaza, and my blue lips, and literature lessons, and my empty stomach, and french, and my snowboard, and hours of studing. i do remember, that i was not alone defenetly. Andrew and Sofie! they gave me lots of support! i know, that i can't communicate with Andrew, but we will have wonderful time with Sofie! i know it! and Katrin is the city, so this yeah is going to be cool too!